Supporters of the cause are happy to announce “in the true spirit of Aloha” Ocean Aid will be now be a FREE CHARITY CONCERT! The main attraction will still be a plethora of Grammy Award winning musical artists from around the globe. Headlining artist Ceelo Green, supported by Bootsy Collins, Maxi Priest, Ohio Players, Fishbone, DJ Lethal, DJ Mateo, DJ Big Daddy Carlos as well as top island talent Henry Kapono, Ron Artis II, Ekolu Kalama who welcome some of the biggest acts in the world of entertainment for an incredible evening of fun and excitement. Please come and join us, in support of island preservation and the eradication of plastic and marine debris, that pollutes our ocean, harms wildlife, plagues Hawai’i and other coastlines around the world.


Cultural Performances, Lighting and Visual Art Displays

Ocean Aid will transform the entire Waikiki Shell grounds into an island utopia, featuring cultural performances, visual lighting exhibits from “Event Horizons” and top artists from the nation overseeing interactive “Wyland Galleries Wonder Walls” painted by festival goers. There will be Polynesian cultural Hula & Haka dance performances, WWE Hall of Fame Rikishi & The Samoan Dynasty charity wrestling exhibition, Hawai’i’s leading culinary expert Chef Chai, presents “Tastes of the islands” Ocean Aid Hawai’i will showcase top local fare and “Award Winning” food truck cuisine, along with many other complimentary experiences… where everybody is a V.I.P


Ocean Aid Ambassadors & Speakers For The Cause

There will be open forum lectures from leading professors, scientists, humanitarians and ambassadors highlighting the issue of plastic garbage and marine debris that cumulates on our coastlines and open ocean gyres. The North Pacific Garbage Patch, less than 1000 miles from Hawai’i is the largest cumulation of plastic soup and marine debris that is attracted to the five major gyres of the world. Plastic and marine debris is killing wildlife and detrimentally effecting our oceanic ecosystem. This directly affects Hawai’i our people and the rest of the world.


Special Awards from Love the Sea & Ocean Aid

In recognition of historical and life time achievements, to inspire many more for a progressive bright future. The Ocean Aid Sports Ambassador Award and Love The Sea Humanitarian Award will be presented to distinguished recipients for creating unique awareness for the cause and life time achievement towards protection and preservation of the Ocean . Lead by World Class Drummer and Motivational Speaker Mark Schulman, festival goers will also take part in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest drum circle formed for a benefit concert. These will become annual ceremonies to signify global awareness and unification for the issue of plastic and marine debris that is killing wildlife and polluting our precious ocean environment.