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Legislate•Educate•Activate•Fund are the principles & foundation of Love the Sea (501c3)

L•E•A•F Principles


Ocean Aid will increase awareness and financial support for important legislative work that relates to plastic and polystyrene in our local & global environment. Surfrider Foundation & Hawai’i Wildlife Fund along with many others, have an ongoing campaign called “Hold The Foam” that is currently working to ban the use of most polystyrene containers used in Hawai’i. Love the Sea supports the issue on the Big Island of Hawai’i and provide further support for the recently started “Hold The Foam” campaign in the County of Maui.


Love The Sea’s goal is for Ocean Aid to be a leading voice and platform for education about the issues plastic and marine debris. The festival will host many important speakers for the cause including government officials, community and cultural leaders as well as artists of all mediums. Hawai’i Wildlife Fund already has an educational curriculum being taught in schools on the Big Island and Sustainable Coastlines Hawai’i has their Education Station, a purpose built traveling classroom for special events. LTS will support the growth and increased use of both educational programs at more local events and schools through out the Hawaiian Islands.


Ocean Aid will activate more volunteers to support existing beach cleanups and education programs while raising funds to deploy a Sea Cleaners vessel with a locally hired crew to work full time in the Hawaiian Islands. The boat will be dedicated full time, to the extraction of plastic and marine debris in Hawaiian waters while giving ocean support to nonprofit partners working on coastal area cleanups. At Ocean Aid we encourage people to sign up with their favorite local charity in support of their mission to protect the ocean from plastic and marine debris.


Through the global outreach of Ocean Aid starting in Hawai’i, pathways to capital resources like the Ocean Aid App (Coming Soon) have been created by Australia’s “Activistic Group” so that Love The Sea and their coalition partners, along with the “Mobile Giving Foundation”, can effectively combat plastic and marine debris locally and further around the world. Year one, proceeds from the Ocean Aid App, festival tickets, merchandise sales, combined with sponsorship and donations, will fund Ocean Aid, Love The Sea and it’s coalition who directly support the L•E•A•F principles in Hawai’i.